921 definition by Light Joker

a stupid or clumsy person.
Man, that new kid is such a klutz.
by Light Joker October 11, 2004

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1. to become drug or alcohol intoxicated

2. to have a good time
They got stupid during thier chistmas vacation.
by Light Joker December 17, 2004

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(In Goblin Commander)

Hellfire slang for a any Goblin in general.
"10-4, two bad Gobbies ahead."
by Light Joker May 27, 2004

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a sandwich with many ingredients
Let's get a couple of submarines
by Light Joker June 27, 2007

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1. a wealthy and gracious woman

2. a male homosexual
She looked like a queen, but she saw nothing special about herself.
by Light Joker November 18, 2004

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an astonishing news story that is revealed without warning
in light of the bombshell, the school sent the students home.
by Light Joker December 01, 2006

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1. Methamphetamine

2. methyl alcohol, denturated alcohol
If you don't stop snorting that meth you might hive a heart attack some day.
by Light Joker November 09, 2006

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