The clothing brand also known as Levi's. Inexpensive clothing made with good quality materials and superior fit and durability. Their jeans are famous for making your butt look great. Unlike brands such as Abercrombie and Fitch and Hot Topic and American Eagle, Levi's do not adhere to any social group or pop culture. They are made for real people, and they are timeless. Do yourself a favor: step away from the television, and go buy a pair of Levi's.
Wow, I just bought these 501's by Levi Strauss from Sears for $30, and they fit perfectly.
by Azorean058 July 22, 2010
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An over the jeans handjob

Any touching, rubbing, etc. of the penis which requires clothing being an intermediary between the giver and the receiver.
He was really happy with the firm Levis Strauss handshake he got from his girlfriend that morning.

It's at least worth a Levis Strauss Handshake
by DodgerCol December 23, 2009
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Name given to the swim team of mexicans who think swimming in jeans and over-sized t-shirts is going to give them the competitive advantage they are looking for. In most cases they end up drowning cause they can't swim to begin with.
Miguel Phelps of the Levi Strauss Swim Team downed as he was unable to swim in his swim attire.
by Miguel Phelps June 30, 2010
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