The way Nate the philosopher types his name on PlayStation.
Nate was on steriods when he made his gamer tag.
by sf.antt November 12, 2018
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Like all drugs it was thought by many to solve a certain problem(In this case disatisfaction with muscle growth or strength).Then like all drugs people found out about the side effects and decided it was'nt worth it.
Larry went on steriods has a great body.The only problem is he only gets action from asian women.
by Bob-Billy-Dilly June 06, 2010
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A mispelling of "steroid" perpetrated by an Allied IC member.

Usually used by idiots and illiterate morons.
by lol, pdog June 14, 2008
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A Person\Object That is extremely Strong, like Cosmically Strong.
Wow Hulk must be on East German Steriods
by Nikolaz the Russian October 15, 2020
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