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if you see someone using the sobbing emoji, it means they are willing to have hot gay anal sex with their partner all while oiling up and putting on a maid dress. the people using this emoji usually tend to be bottom femboys.
Person 1: "😭"
Person 2: "Oil up lil bro I'll be here at 6"
by Lictionary July 23, 2024
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Unlike Your Average everyday weeb, They are violently toxic, racist and sometimes homophobic and some of them haven't matured yet. (12-15 Average Age)
Person 1: "oh h-"
Person 1: "what the fu-"
Goku_Nevermisses403: "SHUT UP YOU MONKEY"
Person 2: "ignore him, he's a braindead Dragon Ball Fan"
by Lictionary April 30, 2022
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Lolicons are people who are attracted to Fictional Children, or as they like to call them, "Lolis", Lolis usually look like they're 4-10, but actually, they are a 1000 year old elemental bender who is half dragon half devil half angel half gay half lesbian half clown half human or something like that.

Whenever Lolicons get called out on their bullshit, they resort to using either the age excuse or the fiction excuse, both of which are worse than just admitting to liking kids.
Person 1: "Dude, I love Loli so much, I think I'm a Lolicon!"
Person 2: "what the fuck, what are you? a pedophile?
Person 1: "Dude, it's just a drawing, don't be so scared. and by the way, she's 9000 years old"
Person 2: "I'm filing a restraining order on you"
by Lictionary July 23, 2024
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are you a weeb/anime watcher? are you a normal member in this abnormal community?
Yes? then... you've probably discover an unholy part of this community..

The Body Pillow Community

Out of all the dating options... A Girl, A Boy, A Cardboard box, A DOG... you chose a body pillow
are you really into pillows made out of cotton? do you love fucking pillows? are you Pillowsexual? are you an Objectophile?

The Lolicons (pedophiles)

They are basically the spirit animals of EDP, they love when a child with big eyes is either bare naked or is wearing a bikini.
EW, JUST EW. why do they exist?

The hentai Community

Y'know? they deserve a separate section, so I'll simplify the meaning:
Basically, they masturbate over a anime-styled sex comic, some of them hate the ugly bastard genre cause it resembles them

I have no quotes for this one, so wait for the "separate section"

So if you were in one of these communities... go outside, shower for once, and watch the sun (not directly)
I don't really give a single fuck about the Hentai community, still go outside.

and if you're a lolicon, please go inside a solitary confinement.
Excuses of The Horny three of the anime community

"I don't need a gf" yes, you don't need one, but there's one thing you really need... it's Therapy.
ya see this quote? It's the most common excuse those "people" use to cuddle a softbody solid object.

"But, shesh 8000 years old" What if you, a 35 year old fat bitch, met the child looking "8000 year old" magical girl, and then kissed in public, that sorry excuse ain't gonna save your ass from the 2000V Chair.
"she's a goddess"
"But she's legal" You REALLY like Jail, You want to stick your weewee into a child's spot cause she's "Legal".
by Lictionary August 21, 2022
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Tier 3 Sub (an Acronym for Tier 3 Subscriber) is a name used for Mainly Pokimane Ultrasimps.

These people are the types of people you'd see acting "Nice" towards a streamer that barely knows them, and they also develop parasocial relationships with said streamer. whenever you see them in a convension with their favorite streamer, chances are they get stepped on by that streamer.

These people usually play mainstream FPS Games like Overwatch, Valorant, etc. (We can't diss the TF2 fans, yet.) and other games they see their favorite streamer play. They donate a hell of alot towards that streamer to be seen on their donation board (or have their names said by that streamer), and when they end up here, you can see their goofy names which you'd find on a 6 year old's roblox account, with examples like "gumballwithkevin" or "adventurerliam32".

They also are around the age of 20-40 on Average, and are Overweight at least. They never had a girlfriend and never felt the touch of a girl outside of their family, because of their twitch/kick/omlet arcade/rumble/trovo addiction and lack of social skills.

These people are the types of people to get bullied by Commentary Channels, Like Leafyishere.... or Reaction Channels sometimes.

Knowing their Parasocial Relationship with someone who barely knows them and their lack of social skills, Chances are, they had a rough childhood, they got bullied for probably being fat or autistic... Who Knows.
Person 1: Hey Nick! how's it going?
Nick Pear: *jacking off to streamer*
Person 1: Uhh what are you doing?
Nick Pear: Uhhh, Nothing!
Person 2: Dude, Ignore him, he's a Tier 3 Sub, he always jacked off to Pokimane bending over
Person 1: bu- but he's friend...
Person 2: just leave him, you don't want to cause trouble with a fucking simp.
Person 1: awh ok :(
by Lictionary June 16, 2023
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JoJo Fans are people who express their love for JJBA

The Good, Creative Side: it doesn't exist, you are just tricked into thinking that It exists. Let's be honest, "Mastermind", "Hamon beats", They don't exist. Get over it

The Bad Side: Which is also known as The Special Needs Class. Except the people in their are alot more autistic.
The Bad side. Actually, Fuck it. The Entire Fandom repeats the same 4 Jokes from 2013. They either only watched part 3 or 5 or have never seen the anime.
They also call anything a JoJo Reference, Example:

*A Lightskin Man Posing for the camera*
*Coincidentally Poses as a Jojo Character*
*Lightskin man Flips him off and tells him to fuck off*

It may not be accurate but HEY, they do that on a daily basis.

Here's List of Things JoJo Fans consider a JoJo Reference:
-Going Outside
-Sucking Cock
-Hating JoJo
-Old Men
-Killing Dogs
-Sex Offense
-Anything on JoJo

JoJo fans are also notorious for sucking dicks, Not cause it's a joke, but because it is a JoJo Reference.
They Suck Anyone's Dick in the speed of light, Faster than fucking Sonic, You can even find spit on a corpse's cock.
And if you were a transgender that has done bottom surgery, They gonna find your Cut-off Cock in the surgery room freezer or trash can, and if they did, They'll either suck it or eat it.

You want another example? Fine:
*The same Lightskin Guy Accidently Runs over a dog*
Lightskin Man: ay kid, Wanna visit me at night?
Nick Beard: But-
*Lightskin Man Kidnaps Nick*
*Nick had the time of his life, Since he loves men. And has watched 2 Minutes of JoJo*

And kids, That's why JoJo Fans are very obnoxious, Solution? Give them what they want...

by Lictionary June 13, 2022
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