A cool-ass superpower used to kill 3 burly half naked Aztec men and send the other one flying into space. It also almost killed a gay immortal vampire lord before he cut off his own damn head. It's so beast a nigga can manually break his arm to gum-gum rocket a bitch in the face without pain. Even Speedwagon is impressed.
Jojo! This is the last of my hamon! Take it from me!

This Araki Hirohiko guy uses hamon to stay young. Ain't that cool?
by Jotaro(Jojo)Kujo January 27, 2017
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Hard As a Motherfucker On Narcotics a term for also misspelled in spanish as JAMON in spanish means ham term created by S!CK0
Imma go HAMON
by Francisco S!CK0 Serrano February 24, 2012
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ah yes hamon you must be a jojo fan if you came across this definition, well hello there , so Hamon also known as Ripple is a yellow energy equivalent to the light of the Sun achieved by one who can control there breathing, Hamon was originally created to give humans a fighting chance ageast undead beings like Vampires, Zombies, and ancient Aztec beings known as Pillar Man, which every one of these have a allergy towards the Sun some techniques for Hamon include Zoom Punch where a User dislocates the joints in there arm while punching giving the punch longer range, Hamon overdrive is a move where you strike any object or living thing and cause ripple energy to surge trough the target,life magnetism overdrive...Hamon is life energy so you can use it to magnetize any living thing, or person together and many more, hamon abilities.
Baron Zeppli hamon teacher: Listen, Jonathon just Breath and let the Hamon Ripple flow through your arm

Jonathan Joestar former hamon user : *Beathes manually* *Dislocates Arm Joints* ZooM PUnch!! (with hamon life energy flowing through the body it numbs the pain of the joints)

the GIF down below is a Hamon master Dire using a famous Hamon move Thunder Cross Split Attack this technique is both Defense AND Offense
by DerianHenry March 16, 2021
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slang for ecstacy, not advised for use if ex-formula one champ Damon Hill has resorted to dealing drugs.
"Have you got any Hamon's?"
by ROYCE SLAVEN May 5, 2003
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Barbie has NOTHING on Giselle!! She is a amazing beautiful dancer who can stretch her leg as much as you can and it won't break!! She has a fear of Lizards and who can blame her, they are sent from the devil! Giselle is super nice but ouhhhh girl she can have a attitude! She is one of the lucky girls who eat alot but never gets fat! She is Miss. High kick and Miss. Leaps! I mean she is a GREAT dancer!! Barbie who?
Giselle Hamon eats a lot and doesn't gain weight !!! WOW! HOW DOES SHE DO IT!
by zamn that Rowena July 26, 2018
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A derogatory term for kids who aren’t as smart as others, often times people also call them stupid or dumb.
Tom is such a Sammy hamon because he always fails the tests in math
by Jackjeffersontommm January 14, 2019
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"Hamon Clacker Volley" was an improvised weapon created by Joseph Joestar in his early attempts to battle the Pillar Men. The attack was created by infusing plain American clacker toys with Hamon. The Hamon Clacker Volley is often used as a last resort, and looked down upon by Caesar Zeppeli on the first try. Often used in conjunction with the Joestar Secret Technique.
"I call this move my Hamon Clacker Volley! I start off by filling these little clacker balls here with a bit of Hamon! WOO-HA!"
by thatkid_ March 16, 2020
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