JoJo Fans are people who express their love for JJBA

The Good, Creative Side: it doesn't exist, you are just tricked into thinking that It exists. Let's be honest, "Mastermind", "Hamon beats", They don't exist. Get over it

The Bad Side: Which is also known as The Special Needs Class. Except the people in their are alot more autistic.
The Bad side. Actually, Fuck it. The Entire Fandom repeats the same 4 Jokes from 2013. They either only watched part 3 or 5 or have never seen the anime.
They also call anything a JoJo Reference, Example:

*A Lightskin Man Posing for the camera*
*Coincidentally Poses as a Jojo Character*
*Lightskin man Flips him off and tells him to fuck off*

It may not be accurate but HEY, they do that on a daily basis.

Here's List of Things JoJo Fans consider a JoJo Reference:
-Going Outside
-Sucking Cock
-Hating JoJo
-Old Men
-Killing Dogs
-Sex Offense
-Anything on JoJo

JoJo fans are also notorious for sucking dicks, Not cause it's a joke, but because it is a JoJo Reference.
They Suck Anyone's Dick in the speed of light, Faster than fucking Sonic, You can even find spit on a corpse's cock.
And if you were a transgender that has done bottom surgery, They gonna find your Cut-off Cock in the surgery room freezer or trash can, and if they did, They'll either suck it or eat it.

You want another example? Fine:
*The same Lightskin Guy Accidently Runs over a dog*
Lightskin Man: ay kid, Wanna visit me at night?
Nick Beard: But-
*Lightskin Man Kidnaps Nick*
*Nick had the time of his life, Since he loves men. And has watched 2 Minutes of JoJo*

And kids, That's why JoJo Fans are very obnoxious, Solution? Give them what they want...

by Lictionary June 13, 2022
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Putting it simply, a jojo fan is the worst person you will ever meet. A jojo fan is usually dramatic, overthinks things, and hates socialising. JOJO FANS SUCK!
Person 1: Are you a jojo fan?
Person 2: Yes, I am.
Person 1: Ewww!!
by toorulvr November 22, 2022
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May 25th, a day worldwide to kick fans of the popular anime created by Hirohiko Araki, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. Kick them. Kick them all.
"Bro look, there's a JoJo fan."
"Go kick him, dude. Today is National Kick A JoJo Fan Day."
by iboxcyborgs May 24, 2022
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A amazing yt with a few subscribers she has many channels
Omg I'm a fan of Jojo siwa big fan harrison!
by Joeimichelle August 3, 2022
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