40 definitions by Libertine

A generic name for a cheap fast food place that serves greasy food.
I was in a hurry, so I stopped into the slurp and burp to grab a bit on the way home.
by Libertine October 3, 2005
I was embarrassed when my lover asked me to pick up a box of cigars for her at the store.
by Libertine October 4, 2005
To make a loud, prolonged complaint, especially in a public situation.
If Mary doesn't get the promotion, she will raise a big stink about it to everyone in the office.

by Libertine October 2, 2005
To be in a very precarious position, most commonly used when a person is in imminent danger of being fired from their job.
The way John has been fucking up at work lately, I wouldn't be surprised if he has one foot on a banana peel and the other one out the door.
by Libertine October 4, 2005
A dull, boring person with absolutely no individuality.
John has all the personality of a dial tone.
by Libertine October 2, 2005
To be right in the middle of sex, buried to the hilt inside of a woman.
I was dead into it when her husband opened the door and caught us together.
by Libertine October 2, 2005
Picking the wrong person, the most unlikely person, to do, listen, or accept something.
You're barking up the wrong tree if you think I want to become religious and go to church.
by Libertine October 11, 2005