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A idiot from the Neo Nazi website Stormfront.org. Known for believing outdated stereotypes, treating everything they don't agree with them to being part of a conspiracy theory, accusing everyone that isn't of the same view of being part of the JIDF, ect.

Stormon's are often known for being Attention Whores and seeking attention outside their cesspool of a website
When encountering a Stormon make sure to always have a sense of humor as it is easy to troll them.
by Libertatis September 26, 2010
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The acute onset of paranoia in Tea Party followers that cause them to mistrust their fellow Americans when they appear not to endorse their Far-Right ideals. This causes them to take a dualistic approach to those who disagree with them. Often leading them to never give the opposing side's opinions a chance in their minds
What the matter with that guy? All I did was state my view on the matter and they accused me of being a Socialist. Don't let it get to you they are suffering from Tea Party Derangement Syndrome (TPDS)
by Libertatis December 14, 2010
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A conservative historian who seeks to white wash Reagen's image to sell to the public in a effort to make popular his ideas that screwed over the general public in favor of the rich.

The traits of a Reagan Revisionist are some of the following
-the ability to over hype Reagan policies and record

-cover up or spin all the controversial aspects of his presidency

-Get angry at and help smear anyone that accurate quotes Reagan or points out something that would make Reagan look bad.
Pointing out the negative aspects to a Reagan Revisionist will result in some serious conservative butthurt
by Libertatis May 27, 2011
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To take gyms in the surrounding area in Pokemon Go and leave nothing but Magikarp in them in an effort to confuse or troll other Pokemon go users
Annoyed people taking gyms from him and his friend, Paul suggest to his friend John that they engage in Karpet Bombing all the local gyms with Magikarp to troll the users that booted them out.
by Libertatis November 6, 2016
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A crippling foot condition that plagues wealthy individuals old enough to serve their country while their country is at war and a draft is in effect.
What are all the affluent people not serving in Vietnam? Because they are suffering from Affluent Bone Spur Syndrome deffermemt defirmemt
by Libertatis December 26, 2018
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To force federal employees to work without pay due a sitting President shutting down the Federal government over a political policy that they want passed before they allow any bill to fund the Federal government to be signed into law without the threat of a presidential veto
"The President is Hamberdling us again by forcing us to work without pay during this Shut Down" complained TSA employee Tom.
by Libertatis January 23, 2019
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A type of oxymoron.

Ask for more then you target amount of concessions from the opposition party. Then argue down to you what you originally wanted to begin with giving the illusion of compromise.
Billy wanted a cookie so he demand three from his mother. She said no, so he made a GOP Compromise and ask for one cookie. Not wanting to see a melt-down his mom gave him one cookie.
by Libertatis October 4, 2013
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