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A Magical Pair of glass that enables conservatives to see the truth about about the liberal agenda and the world around them. With these specs, reality is no longer liberally biased and makes perfect ideological sense.

The Red State Specs among other things make...

* Hidden Motivations of Reporters, Statisticians and debate moderators, among others, are made as clear as day.

* Find of what Liberals really believe when they talk about issues important to them such as climate change.

* See issues not convenient to conservatives and their narratives disappear infront of you very eyes. You will never need Fox News again!
Try Red State Spexs Today! Gitmo Prisoner Tested and Dick Cheney Approved!

Love them or your money back!
by Libertatis January 08, 2015
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The false concept purported by Mike Huckabee and the American Religious Right that claims that somehow allowing prayer in public schools will some how magically reduce gun violence in schools.
The Religious Right tried to Pray the Gun Away, but sadly gun violence at school continued unabated .
by Libertatis January 26, 2015
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Someone Who is against people having the ability to have an abortion regardless of the health of the mother or the health of the fetus. A Pro Birther differs from other groups against Abortion in that they don't care what happens to a child brought into the world after a women is forced to give birth nor the complication a mother might have afterwards. Birth defects, stillborn it doesn't matter to a pro-birther as long as the mother to be is forced to adhere to the cultural values of the Pro Birth movement.
Once the child is brought into the world it's no longer their problem nor should the goverment do anything about helping the child using taxpayer money.
"She's not pro-life , but Pro Birth" said David. Otherwise she would have cared the life of the mother to be when she died carrying the still born fetus to term.
by Libertatis June 09, 2016
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To Change one position on Political issues after a politcal primary to make one's self image seem more politically moderate then where they stood when they ran for their politcal party's nomination (For Senate, Congress, President, Governor, ect). In essence it's to try to clear the board politically before battle their politcal opponent for a particular politcal office.

Made Famous by Mitt Romney's 2012 Presidential campaign when one of his campaign workers refereed to resetting Mitt Romney's public image after winning his party's Presidential nomination as using a Etch A Sketch
Candidate X had to take a hardline approach on immigration to make himself look more conservative then his primary opponent. Worried about his position on immigration making him look bad in the General Election, Candidate X proceeded to perform a Political Etch a sketch of his image.
by Libertatis May 26, 2014
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The act of using the term Politically Correct in an political argument or debate in an effort to cover for not stating one's unpopular opinion. Mostly done out of cowardliness to avoid being criticized for sharing their unpopular opinion for fear of being ridiculed or in an effort to cheaply stifle someone's well explained opinion.
Being confronted with an well argued opinion opposed to Paul's point of view, Paul decided to play the Politically Correct Card instead of giving a proper counter argument.
by Libertatis June 09, 2016
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A conservative historian who seeks to white wash Reagen's image to sell to the public in a effort to make popular his ideas that screwed over the general public in favor of the rich.

The traits of a Reagan Revisionist are some of the following
-the ability to over hype Reagan policies and record

-cover up or spin all the controversial aspects of his presidency

-Get angry at and help smear anyone that accurate quotes Reagan or points out something that would make Reagan look bad.
Pointing out the negative aspects to a Reagan Revisionist will result in some serious conservative butthurt
by Libertatis May 26, 2011
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When a candidate for political office, runs a political campaign portraying themselves to the public as being political moderate then where the candidate actually stands on various political issues in an effort to broaden their appeal to a larger group of voters.

Upon winning the political office the candidate ran for, the new elected Politician then reveals themselves to the public to be a partisan hardliner who instead of working with both parties, toes the political party line that they are affiliated with. Often pushing for policies that the party they affiliated with wants regardless of what they pledged on the campaign trail.
Despite portraying himself as not being a partisan hardliner during the General Election campaign, Senator Smith pulled a Moderate Bait and Switch on the voters of the state that elected him and proceeded to vote in favor of policies he said he would not support on the campaign trail
by Libertatis September 18, 2016
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