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A Brady Bunch Christmas is when you take your children to spend Christmas with the children of your boyfriend/girlfriend.
I bought presents for her kids and we are going to have both families together for a Brady Bunch Christmas
by Liberation Theology December 22, 2019
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A Brady Bunch Moment is when you have children and you propose marriage to a woman you just met that has children.
They have 7 kids because both of them had kids from before and he married her in a Brady Bunch Moment
by Liberation Theology August 11, 2019
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A Butt Job is employment that is extremely easy; usually a desk job where you set on your butt.
I am tired of lifting all this sh*t at the store. Damn I need a butt job
by Liberation Theology August 20, 2019
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When something that was easy suddenly becomes overwhelmingly difficult.
I thought being with Rebecca was easy; but after we got married I was hit with the balloon payment.
by Liberation Theology May 14, 2014
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Jerry's equation is based upon the concept of a type 2 error in statistical analysis. A type 2 error is thinking that a relationship is not failing when it really is. This is also known as a false negative or negative error.
He drove all the way to Charlotte to just have her tell him she was cleaning the house and he is still with her. Homeboy better wake up to Jerry's equation.
by Liberation Theology December 10, 2019
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Effeminate employment characterized by men who are employed in positions in which all their work that day is focused upon the functions of their i phone.
Jerry took a picture of the contract and sent it in a text. He received your e mail and his planner told him he has a conference in an hour. Jerry has an i phone job. Take away his i phone and he don't know how to do shit.
by Liberation Theology January 07, 2020
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Risk Assessment is the statistical probability that someone will hurt you
So Britney left him and he is just now getting over it. Later Britney texted him and filled the text with hearts and emoji kisses. Homeboy better do a risk assessment before he breaks up with Ashley just to get back with Britney.
by Liberation Theology February 24, 2020
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