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Jerry's equation is based upon the concept of a type 2 error in statistical analysis. A type 2 error is thinking that a relationship is not failing when it really is. This is also known as a false negative or negative error.
He drove all the way to Charlotte to just have her tell him she was cleaning the house and he is still with her. Homeboy better wake up to Jerry's equation.
by Liberation Theology December 10, 2019
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When your local girlfriend hears of your ex girlfriend from another nation and gets pissed.
Shut up dude ,if Joyce hears about Katerina I'll have Germany nuked by Kentucky
by Liberation Theology December 03, 2019
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Risk Assessment is the statistical probability that someone will hurt you
So Britney left him and he is just now getting over it. Later Britney texted him and filled the text with hearts and emoji kisses. Homeboy better do a risk assessment before he breaks up with Ashley just to get back with Britney.
by Liberation Theology February 24, 2020
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A relationship that began in winter which is stable, happy and full of promise.
Katerina left me in the fall but hey I found springtime in December
by Liberation Theology November 14, 2019
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A woman who is so perfect that a man dating multiple women chooses to abandon all the women he is dating but her. This perfect woman, this Tiger Tamer, is the one perfect woman which causes a man to love her and her alone.
Yo, I used to be a real player. Then I met Joyce and she be a real Tiger Tamer. So now it be just her.
by Liberation Theology February 13, 2020
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A non profit drug rehabilitation facility in which upper management drive Mercedes Benz cars.
They all got rich working at that ForProfitNonProfit.
by Liberation Theology April 14, 2018
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Covid Fatigue : Risk taking behavior associated with being tired with the continuation of the pandemic
Quarter of a million dead. Dumbass homeboy gonna stop wearing a mask and talks shit bout having a house party. Homeboy now dyin in ICU because he had to get Covid Fatigue and act stupid.
by Liberation Theology October 27, 2020
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