A Cap Is A lie. A capper is a liar. So if someone is capping, they are lying.
That Dude Always Sayin Somethin And Never Do Shit! He's A Capper. He Would Always Cap Over Dumb Shit!
by YoungChief The Meff a Dondotta September 6, 2007
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by rapist4life March 22, 2020
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noun A person who recruits Medicare recipients for the purpose of fraudulently acquiring prescription drugs, e.g., Oxycontin. In exchange for their complicity, the "patients" are given cash or other rewards.
The capper brought the old folks to the clinic, where they were administered unnecessary tests in order to justify having large prescriptions of Oxy written for them.
by DirtyLake May 20, 2013
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n. the last smoke of the night.
v. the action of taking the last smoke of the night.
n. "wanna do a capper?"
v. "let's cap it."
by bUd1620 December 11, 2007
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i'm going to let loose in that capper stall

don't park in that capper spot
by michael foolsley November 20, 2009
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to flop your dick out. I made this word up because a famous Aussie footballer Warwick capper went on Celebrity Big Brother (Aussie edition) and flopped his dick out in front of two of the female celebs because and got kicked out of the house as a result.
When going to the toilet, you'd capper and piss.
by bread infection October 23, 2005
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