17 definitions by Lenny

A shortened version of the male first name Leonard.
So Len, why don't you like to be called Leonard?
by Lenny April 23, 2005
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formally written as "Ghoxx" but in sland it is allowed to be written as above.

1. female genitalia - vagina, pussy
2. a stupid person - fig. a cunt
1. Nezzajtila it-tanga u rajt li kellha oxx imqaxxar u sabih. (I removed her thong and perceived a nice shaved vagina)

2. "kemm int oxx" (ur such a cunt)or "qisek l-oxx" - sometimes referred to with the article). Also in this category - the euphemism "pastizz".
by Lenny March 13, 2004
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The best Harry Potter website in the world. Is funny, but also a good place for HP updates.
Muggle 1: Mugglenet rocks!
Muggle 2: I totally agree!
by Lenny December 31, 2004
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Crap Head: a comonly used term... for the insane!!!! mooohahahahaha!!! naw, it means a very stupid or mean person, or just a general insult.
u fuckin crap head!!!! get the fuck away from me!!!
by Lenny April 05, 2004
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Named after the inventor of the modern toilet, Thomas Crapper of England
by Lenny February 25, 2005
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A word repeated together with the words PLAN, LISA, NEEDS, and BRACES to form a hilarious comody sketch.
So long dental plan...

Dental plan... lisa needs braces...
by Lenny November 04, 2003
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similar to a dirty sanchez but applying it under her eyes.
She said she didnt want a dirty sanchez so i gave her a don mattingly
by Lenny December 23, 2004
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