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she usually likes being called mattie. mattingly loves everyone.
she's a cute quiet girl but isn't going to stop talking when you get to know her. has many bad things happen to her but they won't let her down! she's a great girl to get to know, perhaps one of the best to ever walk the face o the earth.
person one: that girl is so nice
person two: maybe 'cause her name is mattingly???
by heatherissweggy October 16, 2013
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A sexual machine commonly used to make ladies squit during sex.

Always satisfying .

Also known as the super soaker
I need a good Mattingly tonight.
by True Stories November 11, 2015
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A ratchet female. Usually talks to guys named Tyler. Has sexy friends. Flat chested and has a saggy buttox. Will get pregnant by the age of sixteen. Can play the oboe almost as good as she gives head.
Mattingly sucks in the sac.
by Szerbs October 12, 2013
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