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1. Linkin Park's debut album
2. Linkin Park's old band name
3. the theory of blending a mix of genres of music
1. i own HT! yay
2. i downloaded some HT! yay. im listening to "carousel" right now!
3. linkin park is a hybrid theory
by lena January 28, 2004

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a very addicting online game in which you try to get virtually rich
dude, you still go on neopets? i havn't been there in ages... it started taking over my life so i had to quit.
by lena January 27, 2004

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an older man pretending 2 b on schoolies(end of yr vacation 4 kidz who finsh h.school.)2 crack onto drunk chicks.
he's a toolie.be really carefull DO NOT GET DRUNK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by lena November 26, 2004

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something exciting, happy, fun, great, good or nice
"I got the new 50 Cent CD today! It's so TYTE!"
by Lena April 06, 2003

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a womans boobs/breasts etc
look at those fucking shneebs!
by Lena April 02, 2005

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something you use in the kitchen
put butter in the pan first so you dont burn the eggs
by lena January 27, 2004

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A very good friend, a sisterly friend, a best friend, someone from yor clique. Also used as an exclamation you yell to your friends to get their attention. A Canadian word.
Kristin is my ixie, she helped me with the killer math homework
HEY! MA IXIES! Wait up!
by Lena June 05, 2004

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