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A lesbian-identified male(a homosexual woman who was born with a male body and is not seeking gender reassignment surgery. Instead of female hormones and corrective surgery to help make the outside match her inside, she simply lives with the package she came wrapped in as a lesbian to the best her body will allow).
Typically a male who often seems gay/girly, but is highly attracted to lesbians and bisexual females with no attraction to other men.
If he doesn't like guys why does he seem so gay?
He's a lesboy. Only likes girls, but preferably bis and lesbians.
by fr34x0r March 26, 2008
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A polite, yet condescending, phrase from the 1980's to describe homosexual males, especially those of the more flamboyant or effeminate side, and those that took care of closeted businessmen.

Referenced in the Dire Straits song "Les Boys" from the "Making Movies" record
Les Boys do Cabaret.
Les Boys are proud to be gay
by riffhard98 July 19, 2012
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A group of young, boastful and often times borderline arrogant young men with a penchant for an activity played on ice that's sometimes considered a brawl to begin with but a game in the end, or possibly the other way around, and is known to the general public as "ice hockey." These young men have a taste for grit and a love for finesse and use such obscure terminology such as "Dangling and tricks with skates and sticks," or "Atta boy lad! Keep wheelin!" These young men have indomidable spirits and are known to make poor boyfriends from the months October through May.
Broadski: The Stanley Cup Finals are tommorow.
Arnie: Party at my place, invite all of "les boys."
by Arnie on Ice February 28, 2008
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A hetero male who hangs around with lesbians - the male equivalent of the faghag.
"girl, why is your brother always at Women's Night?" "Oh, he's a lesboy."
by Lena October 21, 2004
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Effeminate boy(s) that dress up in feminine attribute but only have interests in girls.
Person 1: I've seen her dating with someone from class X, she must be lesbian
Person 2: Actually, that she is actually a he, He's a Lesboy.
by Syn276 December 05, 2017
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Gay guy, or guy who like to hang around and go out with lesbians
Jesus Christ, Kev is such a lesboy.

Why is your brother's girlfriend making out with the girl next to her?

'Cause Karl's a lesboy.
by CraZZZZZZZZZZy July 10, 2008
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