13 definitions by Lazylittlebastard

An insult used against the red chinese communists in the liberation of anchorage from those dirty Chinese commies
Chinese communist: *curses in chinese*
by Lazylittlebastard April 11, 2019
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Those invincible little shits in the wasteland that can't die even if you shoot them with a fat man. (unless you has mods) but you can enslave the little fuckers
Child: hey mr you are a asshole.
Evil bastard. THE FUCK YOU SAID TO ME YOU LITTLE BASTARD *fires gun and does nothing*
Evil bastard: the fuck is this bullshit
Child: haha
Evil bastard: *enslaves and sells kid*
by Lazylittlebastard April 13, 2019
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Our Lord and savior who will save the world from all communists and kill them all
*sees red chinese communist.*
Liberty prime: embrace democracy or you will be eradicated. *throws nuke*
by Lazylittlebastard April 13, 2019
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A grenade launcher or rocket launcher noobs use in cod. Also is a item in the best game ever created called roblox which shoots noobs at people
Noob:I has a grenade launcher
Pro guy:you fucking noob you suck stop using noob tubes and learn to aim and quickscope you fucking faggot cunt
Noob: :(
by Lazylittlebastard May 30, 2019
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