Funny ass Swedish csgo player, stays under bucket when he does face cam. Likes to fap.
Hey gais it's ya boi Anomaly from Sweden!
by memememmememeemmemememmemememe February 28, 2017
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An exception to a rule, an irregularity.
Hey, that virgin cheerleader is a real anomaly.
by Loki July 3, 2003
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Anomaly is a CS:GO Focused Youtuber, that comes from Sweden, Anomaly is known for his crazy reactions when unboxing a knife in CS:GO. Anomaly has 1.6 million subscribers at the current time (April 2017), Anomaly might have the coolest dad.. EVER. If you ever watch one of his vlogs you will understand how awesome his dad is. Anomaly has never shown his face, he hides his head with a bucket with some holes in it, when he does face cam on his streams, however, some people have taken pictures of Anomaly while he was recording a vlog with his friends. Anomaly also doesn't give a fuck, he gives NO fucks, so does his dad, he could literally break his TV in front of his dad because he unboxed a knife, and his dad would not care. (Which actually happened in one of his videos.)
Guy 1: Have you seen Anomaly's new video?
Guy 2: It's hilarious man!
by Blitzquick April 11, 2017
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Any occurrence or object that is strange, unusual, or unique. Also associated with ghosts or the supernatural.
Artyom, the anomaly is closing in fast we must move!
by The Penetratorr November 9, 2010
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1337 in all respects of the word, she is a genious with languages, computers, music, and just about everything else. She's one of the nicest, smartest people on 404.
"Anomaly just pwned that guy's theory."
by ... December 22, 2003
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1. The pen name of an uberleet haxor
2. A person who is 13373|2 than Josh
3. A person who says "fap fap fap" all day long.
by Double E February 27, 2003
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