1. A nation whose boundaries are completely (or almost completely) surrounded by another nation.

2. In the Fallout series of games, the continuation of the United States government following the Nuclear Apocalypse of 2077. Despite the state of the world, the Enclave continued to make scientific breakthroughs in the fields of medicine and military weapons. The covert government's goals were to purge the Earth of any radiation induced mutations and restore America to it's former glory.
1. Vatican City in Italy.

2.Though the other factions scavenge weapons and armor from the Pre-War era, the Enclave has dedicated facilities to research, develop, and manufacture advanced energy weapons and power armor.
by DJ Felony February 18, 2009
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Badasses who are killing everyones ass to build a utopia. they all have the good guns and armor and shit.
Enclave: We will rebuild America by first getting rid of this wasteland
Brotherhood Guy: Fuck you we want to be alive when that happens.
Enclave: dies to a kid from a vault and a a kid from a tribe. Well shit.
by Nate higgers420666 69 96 April 19, 2019
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Those annoying bastards that keep killing random shit and always have the cool power armor and tech while your stuck with shitty outdated armor and weapons.
Enclave soldiers: rebuild America by killing everyone
Some random guy: piss off you genocidal asshole
by Lazylittlebastard April 12, 2019
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such a place as to gather to quote unquote drink coffee, chain smoke like no other, and be as scene as emo as humanly possible.
willoughby, Ohio

incredibly scene kid: "dude you goin to the enclave?"
don yaddi: "i might chill the scene for a bit and then dipset."
by Vanesa and Boo August 16, 2006
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Dink-San's senpai, probably a furry, and has a shiny bald head
Dink-San: Nyaa~ Enclave Sama!
Enclave-Sama: Dink-San!
by MariTheFangirl July 13, 2019
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Dink-San's senpai, Probably would be top, Owner, has a really shiny bald head
Dink-San: Nyaa~ Enclave-Sama!
Enclave-Sama: Dink-San!
by MariTheFangirl July 13, 2019
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An elitist and intellectual way to say ghetto without saying ghetto (preferred by in-the-closet or unaware racists).
I prefer to shop online. The mall in my town has become such an ethnic enclave with all the new people moving here.
by Maneemanym December 9, 2019
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