They are a trio there’s Alex (cult), jerms(bacteria) and morty (the dream Stan bozo 🥶🥶) they hate there fans /p /lh /hj
Person 1: I love the leftovers 🥺🥺
Person 2: they don’t love you 😐
by Cloverthebest November 14, 2021
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A group of "friends" that are only friends because no one else wants to be their friend. The "leftovers" are petty, annoying, and usually ugly individuals who will go nowhere in life.
"Bob, Fred, Larry, George, and Bill are only friends because no one else wants to be there friend. "
"Yeah, they are what we call the leftovers"
by Anon3773773 March 24, 2016
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A sexual act similar to the glass bottom boat in which one partner defecates on the other partners face and then applies saran wrap in order to hold the fecal matter to their face usually when the second partner is asleep or otherwise restrained.
"Dude, I can't believe that Katie let you give her the leftovers after you took her to dinner"
by the great whan August 12, 2009
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A term invented by a purple-blooded militant named Naya from twitter to describe a kpop stan who gets into kpop because of BTS. Naya invented the term after BTS did a daesang sweep for the 3rd time in a row at 2021 MAMA (Mnet Asia Music Awards) and Kpop stans threw a massive tantrum.

Here’s what the original tweet said (verbatim, word for word):

“twt and collective hysteria has really convinced
#them that these groups are more successful
than they actually are and now they're learning
the hard way... so let me make it a harder pill to
swallow: any newfound success any group has
had in the last few years is an after effect of the
success and popularity and hypervisibility bts has brought to kpop as a whole. it's not bc they've gotten better it's bc bts has been generous enough to give them their leftovers; leftover attention, leftover opportunities, leftover awards, and most importantly leftover fans, now turned turned antis. please remember this moment of humiliation and despair the next time you forget that. god bless.“
A: oh yeah I used to stan BTS but then I found these other groups!! So now I stan them and have unstanned BTS since!!

B: so you’re a leftover then?
by spooningwithliam January 19, 2022
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Someone’s leftovers are usually someone that they’ve already finished with while someone else gets the rest of the guy or girl.
Girl #1: “Yo did you hear that Karla’s dating your ex boyfriend?!”
Girl #2: “Yes girl, lmao it’s okay tho she can have my leftovers
by Yuhhhhdigggggg September 26, 2018
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1. Alternate word for Hoe or Thot

2. A Skank

3. Woman or man that fucks anything with two legs
1. Cheryl cheated on me, now she's a LeftOver.
2. We went to a party and Jhon smashed a stranger he's a LeftOver.
3. This girl has been ran through a lot she's a LeftOver.
by @campacked,_swagking_,sumlight December 15, 2013
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when you accidentally send a text with words in it left over from a previous text that you didn't send
A: "i heard shWtf"
B: "huh"
A: "sorry, leftovers"
by pillbug science March 17, 2021
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