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My new way to spell "the" in the online world.
Coke is teh real thing.
by Lara December 24, 2004

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Severely misinterpreted exopression... the original was derived from an unfortunate situation in the 1920's, when a tired shop-keeper decided to take a nap while standing behind the counter. A customer came over to him, asking the price of the bisquits...when the shop-keeper wouldn't repond, the man nudged him, and the poor sleepy man mumbled "I'm-a-dozing". Unfortunately the customer heard "dime a dozen" and the shop-keeper lost some goos bisquits that day...mm...bisquits.
by Lara October 25, 2003

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A.K.A. He-who-must-not-be-named
A.K.A. You-know-who
A.K.A. The Dark Lord
A.K.A. Tom Malvoro Riddle

The main bad guy in the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling
Voldemort tried to Kill Harry as a baby, but instead, he almost was destroyed by this act
by Lara October 17, 2003

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