7 definitions by Lake 317

A Caucasian man who is attracted to Latina women. See also chica seeka.
Check out Mami Sammy over there, hitting on the Puerto Rican girls.
by Lake 317 October 17, 2003
To want to participate in sex with two partners, in addition to yourself (known as a threeway or menage a trois).
Julie wants to take a ride on the threeway freeway tonight, so the two of us are going to hook up with her friend Jill, who is bi.
by Lake 317 October 8, 2003
A very short (often only 12" long) skirt. Micro minis are often considered both sexy and slutty. Became popular, particularly with high school and college age women, during the late 1990s-early 2000s.
A woman who is only moderately attractive will turn heads and get noticed if she wears a micro mini.
by Lake 317 October 8, 2003
An otherwise straight person who occassionally engages in sexual relationships with members of their own sex, though not neccessarily often enough to be truly considered bi. Particularly popular with women; some husbands and boyfriends encourage this behavior in their women. See also LUG and sexual tourists.
Though Sue was married and had three children, she was a dabbler who slept with other women every so often.
by Lake 317 October 8, 2003
F2 (F squared or FF) is an acronym for fuckable fifty, a woman in her fifties that is still sexually attractive to younger men. The ideal F2 is a woman who maintains her good looks through exercise and a sense of style, not through cosmetic surgery.
Donna worked out 5 days a week and ran three miles a day and was secretly flattered to know that the college guys who worked for her considered her an F2.
by Lake 317 November 4, 2003
An urban community located along the southern Jersey Shore in Atlantic County, New Jersey. It is most famous for being the home of the Miss America contest, as well as many large casino-hotels. Sometimes referred to as America's Playground and Newark with a beach. See also Borgata Babe.
If you're smart, you won't leave the casinos in Atlantic City after dark. The streets can get scary there!
by Lake 317 October 25, 2003
A Caucasian man who is attracted to Hispanic women and seeks their company. Similar to yellow fever, white men who are attracted to Asian women.
Because Don was a chica seeka, he passed up chances to date white women.
by Lake 317 October 8, 2003