One who pays money to do stand-up comedy on a part-time basis. Typically a failure even on open mic night. Gets no laughs/bombs often.
John is a dabbler in stand-up comedy, however, he isn't funny at all.
by Wasabi Fooktardi May 4, 2022
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An otherwise straight person who occassionally engages in sexual relationships with members of their own sex, though not neccessarily often enough to be truly considered bi. Particularly popular with women; some husbands and boyfriends encourage this behavior in their women. See also LUG and sexual tourists.
Though Sue was married and had three children, she was a dabbler who slept with other women every so often.
by Lake 317 October 8, 2003
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One who claims they are active participants in a profession (ie. comedian) yet, in reality, they show no signs of actually engaging in said profession.
John: I’m a comedian.

Chrissy: I didn’t know you were a dabbler in comedy.

John: *triggered emotional response*
by Ty Herhandsback August 31, 2022
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One who is in the process of discovering his/her homosexuality.
Things were great when Brian was just a 'Dabbler', at least then we had hope that our son wouldn't grow up to be a 'Sword Swallower'.
by cRAZY kooT August 28, 2002
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Dabbler is when a guy doesn't want the responsibility of dating or marriage. Just wants to bang the shit out of bitches and get the fuck out
He wont marry her .he's just a dabbler
by Nick Danger Brother January 22, 2022
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n. One who does not belong to a specific genre or group of people, but "dabbles" in a little bit of everything. One may be called hipster, or hippie, or scene, or punk, or grunge, or white trash, or nerd, or alternative, or pothead at any given time. This individual simply enjoys every type of people and cannot conform into one type.

This person may enjoy getting a little PBR on his mustache while also hula hooping and playing a tambourine in the park. He might lean against a tree, snort some cocaine, and write a parody about a statistical analysis of the Tea Party's incapability of having intelligence to the tune of a Velvet Underground song. This person may be wearing ridiculously skinny jeans for the sake of the hipster or of the scene kid. You just don't know!
Who does she think she is with her Woody Allen glasses, Bohemian head scarf, August Burns Red t-shirt, leather jacket, pleated mom jeans, ruffle socks, and Vans? She's such a dabbler.
by meganmm October 22, 2010
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A person who uses witchcraft as an attention-seeking device. Often can be seen with Ouija board in tow. Usually can be described as a wannabe Goth also.
"Satan is my sugar daddy. What? Rede? I've never heard of any Rede..." said Jill.

*Aha! A dabbler!* thought Jack.
by moi March 14, 2004
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