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Ever watched TRL when N*Sync or BSB or God only knows who else came on? And all those screaming, squealing, crying girls would stand outside in -20 degree weather in skimpy wedding dresses with signs that said "MARRY ME JUSTIN!!!!!!!!! I <3 YOU!!!!!!"?

Fangirls should not be allowed to breed.
!!!!!!! insert banshee like screams and squeals here WE RE GONS 2 GET MSRRIED N HAVE LOTS N LOTS N LOTD OF CHILDRNEN!!!!!! I <3 ASUKIWANATAKIMUSHO LOLOLOL ^________^ S0ULMATYES 4 LYFE!
by Ky January 13, 2005
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A pro hoe is a girl who is so good at hoeing, she is now considered a pro; thus, pro hoe.
Pro hoes are easily recognizable by their lack of clothing during cold temperatures, which doesn't affect them at all. They're so used to wearing their hoe outfits during cold weather that just because it may be 30 degrees outside doesn't mean they can't wear their booty skirts, bra-like tops and hooker boots.
Damn, bitch, it's freezing outside and you're wearing next to nothing! You look like a pro hoe!
by Ky March 6, 2005
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A code used by the homosexual community to let others know what they're "into". i.e. if a boy wears a light blue hanky in his back pocket, that means he's into oral sex.
Hey, the hanky code says that guy would be into you!
by Ky December 26, 2005
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A distinct cheesy smell coming from the scrotal area.
"Hi Garett", said Kyle
"Well hello Kyle", said Garett
"What is that cheesey smell about you?", questions Kyle
"Why, thats Fumunda Cheese. Its from under your balls!" proclaimed Garett
by Ky April 20, 2004
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The extremely sexy guitarist of the Japanese visual kei band "Dir en Grey".
Wow, Kaoru is so talented and sexy. He rocks my socks!
by Ky January 5, 2004
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really high or baked. Used only in conjunction with verbs that treat it as a road.
Kyint: "So after that we went to Fire's house and cruised down Llama Avenue."
Person 2: "Who are you?"
by Ky October 8, 2003
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To keep a close eye on.
I got that bitch on lockdown.
by Ky August 13, 2003
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