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Bitter Single Bitch: A woman who hates on other woman with companions due to the fact that they are bitter and insecure. These creatures will do everything in their power to break up every happy couple that they can by lying, spreading rumors, deceiving, manipulating, etc.
Tom: Cindy's friends are some BSB's man I can't believe they tried to break you guys up.

John: I know man, but that's the life and motivation of a BSB so what do you expect.

Tom: You're right. BSB's...smh
by Rey90 December 07, 2009
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BSB-Backstreet Boys, popular five male vocal worldwide.
BSB fanfiction, "I'm a BSB fan!", "BSB is the best group."
by Dani January 08, 2005
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Big.Sexy.Brain. All of the intangible reasons you find a person sexy. Their laugh, their smarts or their sense of humor. BSB can even be attributed to being attracted to unconventionally attractive people/elements of a person.Their freckles, or red hair, or their chubbiness. BSB is an unconventional thing that attracts you to someone else.
'That guy over there has BSB.' "The one with the freckles? Oh yes"
"I'm attracted to them because of their BSB."
by Emelie Courbois May 10, 2018
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The online abbreviation for "Brooklyn Steam Bath". Useful for when you're in a hurry.
superstud123: dude, brb, i need a bsb bad

superstud456: whoa, you must stink in brooklyn
by Merek1213 July 20, 2009
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acronym for "booty stank booty."

used when:

1.) describing anything with a funky smell

2.) or some crusty hoe.
1.) ooh, dont go near tomas he's got straight B.S.B.

2.) yooooo, look at that B.S.B. walkin down the street! stank!
by kurticus November 24, 2006
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Big Sperm Buildup - used when you havent had sex for a while
Havent had sex this week so have a massive bsb
by Slimeburger January 19, 2007
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