The extremely sexy guitarist of the Japanese visual kei band "Dir en Grey".
Wow, Kaoru is so talented and sexy. He rocks my socks!
by Ky January 5, 2004
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Kaoru Kamiya is master of the Kamiya-Kasshin Kendo style using a bamboo sword. She teaches this in her dojo: The Kamiya Dojo. She is wife of Kenshin Himura and has a son named Kenji. Her formal student is Yahiko Miyoujin. She is very cute and beautiful, but is very strong in fighting. Her name means "bitch" but she is not a bitch, she is a good housewife and take care of her son.
Kaoru and Kenshin married in Kaoru's birthday.
by Samurai Katsu September 15, 2003
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Kaoru is japanese for Sweet Scent, Perfume.
That girl has such a Kaoru!
by Chris Falcon January 14, 2008
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Pedophile, that watches volleyball only for the ass
Guy 1 : why are you watching volleyball, I thought you weren't into it?
Guy 2 : Nah, i'm only watching for the ass
Guy 2 : Oh man, your being such a Kaoru
by Stopit122122 March 11, 2017
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The charming guitarist for the band "Hello, Happy World!" from the BanG Dream franchise. Her full name is Kaoru Seta. She is tall, has a purple ponytail and red eyes. She is known for acting like a prince, being gay with other girls. Her fans really love her, they want her to step on them. (step on me) She calls her fans "koneko-chan" which means little kitten.
"Did you see Hello, Happy World!'s last concert?"

"Yeah, they were awesome! My favorite member is Kaoru."
by HalaylandEnd August 2, 2018
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a person that would like to have sex with every girl in the world but can not because he is even uglier than a gorilla
by Kaorulover69 December 11, 2017
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