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slang word for a woman's vagina. doesnt matter the color of the woman or the amount of hair (presumably some hair if you are being literal). made famous by George Clinton and the Funkadelics and later tapped by Ice Cube in his song "givin up the nappy dugout". Finally, the term was used in the film "bulworth" by warren beaty's character after he picked up the term hanging in the hood.
"the nappy dugout, its where you gets the bugout"-bulworth

Everybody do it this time
Come play
In a nappy dugout (x2)
-George Clinton and the Funkadeliks

by dereka1a May 11, 2006
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A reference to the vulva/vagina. Nappy refers to the pubic hair because it is curly. Dugout is a type of canoe and refers to the shape of the labia. There are other references to the vulva as being a type of boat, for example: "Little man in the rowboat" = clitoris
When she bent over to take off her panties, I got a nice look at her nappy dugout.
by WillyB December 27, 2005
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The vagina of a female descended from african relatives. (i.e. A black girl's pussy)
"Damn, I gots'ta get me some of that hoes nappy dugout"
by Zen Master Vex November 25, 2002
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a repulsive, unkempt, swarthy, reeking vagina of a woman of ill-repute
Gee, that skank ass ho sure has some nappy dugout. I feel disgusting and shamed for fucking it
by Dude-Person March 17, 2003
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the female sexual organ (vagina) unshaven
that slut gives up the nappy dugout
by Denny Chiu June 27, 2002
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a very hairy pussy.
when she takes off her bathing suit, the first thing you'll notice is her nappy dugout. it stands out that much!!!

she needs to shave that nappy dugout.
by Marcy February 27, 2004
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