Mikez92: whyd the chiken cross teh road?
ajnko40: l0l i noe this one!!!!
Mikez92: olo
Mikez92: lol**
by Mark September 4, 2005
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lol^2, or rofl-gay; lol to the extreme.
Brah 1: Dude watch this clip from jackass.
Brah 2: L0l!
by Mee Stir Jeuh September 22, 2010
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lol means lot of laughts, and lop doesn't mean anything, time to stop loping
by Lelod9 June 13, 2020
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A gesture done by a schizophrenic man named RiotEpidemic when he's delighted by what the voices in his head have told him. 99.9999% of the time said statement is incendiary and extremely untrue, usually applies to himself.

It involves sticking your tongue out and swishing it from side to side while rolling your eyes and biting down followed by screaming "LAWL!!!!!!" at the top of your lungs.
RiotEpidemic: Tonguey L0L.... lad i was told you sent cum pictures to minors...
Person: ....? That's literally what you did? Did your mental illnesses help you forget that shit?
RiotEpidemic: Tonguey L0L? Nice lie. My sources say you did.
Person: You mean the voices in your head? Also why the fuck is your tongue out and why are you crossing your eyes???
by Chimpanzaire October 8, 2021
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