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the few moments before a kiss in which both party's tounges are outside their mouths and seem to be wrestling each other. This is usally best demonstrated by Katie Counts and her boyfriend
Tounge Tag Whop-A-Chang!!
by KurDt March 11, 2005
1) the unique style of music played by Sepultura, a mix of African tribal and thrash metal
2) the act of mahatting on rats
3) the Sepultura song Ratamahatta
hey, buddie, I'm really diggin this neat-o new rattamahatta group, what's they're jive groovy name again??
Acid Deathbed...
by KurDt January 27, 2005
1) the food of chinese origin consisting of many different food stuffs wrapped in a thin,bread shelling that has been deep-fryed
2) the act of rolling eggs
3) the act of putting eggs into rolls
4) a usual form of Ninja Verbal Assualt
dese eggrolls be tasty, dawg
aw, yee...
by KurDt January 27, 2005
of, relating to, resembling, or the acting thereof, of a butthole
Dude, Richie is being soooo buttholish
by KurDt February 17, 2005
the frontman for the late 8os early 90s alternative band Jane's Addiction. He is a freak, a druggie, and an absolute genious. He was born Perry Bernstein, but changed his name to be a play on the word 'peripharel'. Healso fronted Porno For Pyros.
Yeah, so roses are red, I made up the rest. If you got some big fuckin secret, then why don't you sing me somethin?? -Perry Farrell
by KurDt February 25, 2005
A project started by Dave Grohl in 1998, consisting of Dave himself playing most all the instuments with different vocalists he grew up listening to providing the... well, the vocals. The vocalists are, in order as they appear on the album,: Chronos (Venom), Max Cavalera (Soulfly, Sepultura), Lemmy Kilmeister (Motorhead), Mike Dean (Corrosion Of Conformity), Kurt Brecht (Dirty Rotten Imbeciles), Lee Dorrian (Napalm Death, Cathedreal), Wino (The Obsessed, Hidden Hand, Place Of Skulls), Tom G. Warrior (Celtic Frost), Snake (Voivod), Eric Wagner (Trouble), and King Diamond (Mercyful Fate). The Probot album was released in 2002, and has one video to it's name (Lemmy's track Shake Your Blood). It also has a hidden 12th song provided by King Diamond that starts about 3 minutes after Sweet Dreams. It absolutely rules my life, I don't know what I would do without Probot.
Go buy it. NOW!!! cause I said so
by KurDt February 25, 2005
1) one who masturbates constantly and frquently
2) one who has a fetish for hands
1) Richie loves his hand at least three times a night
2) Billie gets a special feeling when he's around hands
by KurDt March 4, 2005