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"shut up" "screw you" "eat shit" "stupid" "jackass" "idiot" "moron" The phrase is used or can be used in lieu of a bad word or insult. The phrase can also be used in situations where you don't want to directly insult someone but want to express a feeling of annoyance or discontent..
Your sister asks to borrow your sweater. You know she will never return it. You simply respond with the phrase "go buy it." meaning hell no!

Someone comes up to you and tells you that you did a poor parking can simply reply with the phrase "go buy it." Meaning F-off or F-You.

A co-worker is telling everyone in the office how he/she received the best overall evaluation score. You are annoyed at their tone of voice or insinuation that you aren’t as good. You can simply say "go buy it."
by gobuyit April 14, 2009
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To Go Buy A Drink means to stop cockblocking, essentially leaving your friend and the girl alone. It is expected that you will do this without being told, but it is often the case that your friend will say "go buy a drink", at which point you must vacate the premises.
Guy talking to girl: Hey, I really like your outfit today!
Guy's Friend: Yeah it looks nice
Girl: Aww thanks!
Guy to friend: Hey man, can you go buy a drink or something?

Example 2
Guy: Hey man, I'm going to go talk to that cute girl over there.
Friend: Alright I'll go buy a drink
by antlerskettering October 21, 2009
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It’s when your father don’t want to be in the family no more and he say im going to buy milk

He’s going to the store years later
Dad:I’m going to buy milk

Mom:but there is already milk here
Dad:we need more
*he leaves


dad:I’m back from the store
by cállate February 17, 2021
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Embarking to recieve a blow-job, oral sex, dome, fellatio, head, or as others would say, worship at the altar.
Best accompanied by a hand gesture near the mouth.
Raphael: You going to Best Buy with her?
Nelson: Yeah, you know, a bit of the old singing today.
by R-Hellaz July 10, 2010
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