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A project started by Dave Grohl in 1998, consisting of Dave himself playing most all the instuments with different vocalists he grew up listening to providing the... well, the vocals. The vocalists are, in order as they appear on the album,: Chronos (Venom), Max Cavalera (Soulfly, Sepultura), Lemmy Kilmeister (Motorhead), Mike Dean (Corrosion Of Conformity), Kurt Brecht (Dirty Rotten Imbeciles), Lee Dorrian (Napalm Death, Cathedreal), Wino (The Obsessed, Hidden Hand, Place Of Skulls), Tom G. Warrior (Celtic Frost), Snake (Voivod), Eric Wagner (Trouble), and King Diamond (Mercyful Fate). The Probot album was released in 2002, and has one video to it's name (Lemmy's track Shake Your Blood). It also has a hidden 12th song provided by King Diamond that starts about 3 minutes after Sweet Dreams. It absolutely rules my life, I don't know what I would do without Probot.
Go buy it. NOW!!! cause I said so
by KurDt February 25, 2005
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(n)The modern day renaissance man. A person who is great in the majority of activities they partake in.
New high score!!! Damn bro, you're a probot!
by Mr. Probot December 06, 2010
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A brilliant old-school metal project created by the collest guy in the world, Dave Grohl who has worked on his own awsome band Foo Fighters and drummed for Nirvana, Queens Of The Stone Age, Nine Inch Nails, Tenacious D and Cat Power along with others. It features many metal legends, most notably Lemmy of Motorhead. It also has one of the coolest CD covers I have ever seen in my life.
"Dave Grohl can do goddamn anything, and Probot proves that!"
by holden the diabolical April 30, 2006
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A project put together involving some of Daves favoured artists, him coming up with the fantastic idea that they should all play together and create an awesome sounding album. Unfortunatley the final result sounds, well shit. Theres no real sense of direction, and most of the songs just sound like the crazed jammings of a bunched of rocked out herroin addicts, oh wait....
shit dude! did you hear that whale being tortured, oh no wait, its probot.
by wee diddy February 28, 2005
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