(GYNORMOUS)the combination of gigantic and enormous meaning really big
dude 1- hey bro look at that chick over there
dude 2- WOW look at those tittys there Gynormous
by big Chad February 15, 2008
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adj: Word used to describe a very large object. Usually referring to an object that cannot be described by words that already exhist.
That is a gynormous zit on your head.
That person has a gynormous booty.
by THECECIL February 25, 2008
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extremly large; round and shaply. perfect globes of natural goodness
her tits are gynormous
by the_wop August 7, 2003
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adjective: slang used by gynecologists to describe unusually large objects.
Yo, that was one gynormous thingamajiggy on that last patient!
by Siagiah Karlsson December 26, 2006
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a relatively thin girl with unusually large breasts.
Eh man, that girl has some gynorms.
by BuffaloDan March 3, 2005
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Adj: Something that is extremely large in comparison to anything else related; can also be used to exemplify sarcasam in a statement;
Root words: Gigantic and Enormous
"That bridge is gynormous!"
"Why do you have to be such a gynormous sorostitute Laura?"
by Andrew John August 31, 2005
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A combinatio of the words, gigantic and enormous, most commonly used in reference to women with large boobies.
Clarissa is gynormous. Ashley is very much not.
by Super Cool Kid December 28, 2004
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