1183 definition by Kung-Fu Jesus

Strange hippy lady who sings weird songs that make little, if any, sense.
All yours, Babushka, Babushka, Babushka-ya-ya

All yours, Babushka, Babushka, Babushka-ya-ya
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 18, 2004

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(adj.) To have clinging, throwaway (in the trash, one would assume) qualities.
Emma is a very trashy ho, with a loose vagina, which rather surprisingly, I haven't tapped yet. She never muched liked me though.
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 11, 2004

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Italian for Gran Touring, or touring car racing.

Gran Turismo is also a videogame series that got really boring, really quickly. Unless you like to stare at a playstation screen for several hours a day, don't bother with anything more than the first one.
Despite owning Gran Turismo 3 since 2001, I'm still only on 51% complete because the game sucks too much for me to play it more than once every couple of months.
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 17, 2004

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Carried down
Balance c/d
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 30, 2004

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The end that produces fecial matter, or "business" as you may call it.
The business end of your girlfriend is friendly with the arserapist.
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 20, 2004

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(n.) A mild-mannered obese man. Most applicable to the folicley challenged (means bald)
Your dad is such a buddha!
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 12, 2004

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Spoken shorthand for national socialist, better known as nazi.
Yeah, we got all the nat socs down here this morning, of course it was an hour before we all realised exactly who we were dealing with, and we got rid of them with a little help from the police.
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 16, 2004

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