A person who has ruined religion by using it for his own personal gain and to make him seem like (s)he's better than non-religious people.
Mr. Ferguson from South Park. His famous song, "Merry Fucking Christmas" is very zealous.
by UberMan5000 October 18, 2004
Usually called fundamentalists, these people tend to be the idiots that piss off atheists and lead them to be jerks in definitions like god and bible.

these people are oblivious to the obvious, and were ostracized from europe and russia, and sent to what is nowdays called the united states.
The USA is the proud home of religious zealots.
by Gumba Gumba May 26, 2004
Anyone who takes a religious belief to the extreme and attempts to push their beliefs on others. The religion could be that of a strong atheist, or strong theist such as Christian but includes all deities. Both religions are beliefs. Atheism is considered probable by supporting evidence, but takes a leap of faith by considering it as fact. Theism is not supported by evidence, although a theist accepts all scientific evidence, but adds spiritual experience by taking a leap of faith that there is some sort of deity. Most people that don't push beliefs are agnostic, weak atheist, or weak theist.
You are just as much as a religious zealot as they are.
by AstroTarots August 19, 2010