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A black girl who constantly wears her hair in braids, sings, and has boobs bigger than uranus. oh wait im sorry- your anus. She likes white skinny boys and is jacked as all hell. While she is incredibly attractive she has a beautiful fantastic bust latina friend who is undeniable awesome. Kami is sweet and funny and has an amazing sense of humor. Shes also an spends most of the time an idiot.
A: Hey lets go to ralphs and buy some potatoes

Kameelah: MUTTHHAAAAMUDDERRCOOOWWW i want chuuur patates sniff
by thesupercow January 23, 2014
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Kameelah is a girl who will be loyal to you no matter what. She is always there for you. She does not judge you. She keeps it real and if you don't listen she will let you see for yourself. You will love her and you wil do anything for her. If you know her you are lucky to be friends with her shes like a money once you spend her you cant get her back. She is beautiful and she is the mist wonderful girl you will meet
Me: That girl Kameelah is to die for
by Yeaaaaapoòkie June 12, 2018
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A kameelah is a person who is loyal and she will always be there for you she has a lot of siblings and she knows what pain feels like yet she will hide it she is the most incredible, beautiful, and priceless girl you will ever meet. You can't imagine what life would be like without her
Me: That Kameelah girl is such a beauty
by Yeaaaaapoòkie June 12, 2018
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A decent person who never smiles because it looks like a bunch of wrinkles. Occasionally thinks she's bad ass but can't won't leave her house if she see's shes a wasp. Enjoys chai tea from Starbucks with 6 pumps of chai and only milk. If other wise you'll die. Does not constantly wear her hair in braids and is still recovering from her receding hairline. Curly hair that's it.
Owo kameelah is so h o t
by Kameelah April 09, 2019
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