51 definitions by Kristin

- a crackhead
you are such a cracky.
by Kristin March 30, 2003
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A german-cruncher is an act that a woman may preform during sex,the woman then stands up on the bed while the may lays flat on his back, then she proceeds to jump on the man's penis with her foot until he passes out from pain then she steals his money.
Man Vickey I gave Tom the worst german-cruncher ever last night how do you think I got these new shoes.
by Kristin February 27, 2005
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Afadas: A Habbo on Habbo Hotel.
"Hi afadas, I love you!"
by Kristin December 18, 2004
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A jump in figure skating which takes off of a forward outside edge, rotates one and a half revolutions in the air, and then is landed on the back inside edge of the opposite foot used to jump from.

Also, the hardest jump in figure skating (hardest single, double, and triple). No quad axels have yet been landed.

This jump is highly associated with mind games, and instills fear in many of skaters. Very fun to land, but taking off is usually the hardest part!

named after Axel Paulson.

Ususally once a skater lands an axel, they are accepted into the political world known as figure skating. It is a brutal world, you are no one, even in little USFSA clubs... you are no one unless you have your axel...
I landed my first axel today!

I hate the axel.

Make the axel your best friend.

Okay, now I want three axels in a row.
by Kristin August 14, 2003
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Hot N Horny Baby! (H to the second power)
Damn, I am so H-Squared... I am ready to ravage you, so take off your mutha-fuckin' clothes!
by Kristin February 19, 2004
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Used to describe a Dominicans dick since they are pretty well known for the "big cocks" or "mandingos"
"Damn ashley, you know Moisse has a platano?"
by kristin April 05, 2005
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a horrible horney fucking bastard who is a player and wants his dick to get some attention which we all know wont happen thank god
goes by the name of josh, (aka,frank,minnie mouse)who we all hate
by kristin June 25, 2004
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