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The best friend anyone could ask for, she is sweet and nice even though she uses violence and sarcasm to hide her inner feelings and kindness. Vickey is a musical genius and is still learning. She may not have the best luck with guys but I know there's someone out there waiting for her. Vickey is kinda tall, brunette, skinny and curvy and definatly beautiful despite how much she doesn't believe it. I love Vickey so much, thanks for being my best friend, Madeline White.
Random Person: Who is that gorgeous:, kind perfect person over there???

ME(proudly): That's Vickey, my best friend in the whole world!!!
by ryansheasgirlfriend April 30, 2009
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Pronounced (FA-LI-SHA) Overpowering. Enjoys abusing small Amish children (preferably boys). Although accepting of most demographics, is widely known to be prejudice against men of shorter stature. Is also known to enjoy the company of alpacas more than humans.
by Alapaca Jones June 05, 2016
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A Mexican/Hispanic who is ugly and funny she always thinks she wins arguments
But she got parachute damn they big
You seen a Mexican with big boobs??
You mean Vickey she just went to the store.
by TwistedFuture February 14, 2014
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