51 definition by Kristin

A girl who tries to be stylish, but it comes out hokey/lame/corny
"You ain't nothin' but a stupid hokamama."
by Kristin January 03, 2005

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like a rootie tootie, involves shitting inside of a vagina

see also rootie tootie
I gave her a rootie tootie, then flipped the bitch and filled her taco.
by Kristin October 31, 2004

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a really big jerk
that guy is such an asshole.
by Kristin December 11, 2003

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The practice of being a jock sniffing,Oakley wearing,name dropping,Outfield loving,Denali driving,Glavine blowing,acne squeezing, tennis hack, radio DJ,bad actor wannabe.
Steve Barnes of 92.9DAVEFM in Atlanta
by Kristin January 13, 2005

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used to replace any action, name, or describing word
You are such a stupid boapher!!! You're the boaphiest person I've ever met!
You're boaphing up the wrong tree,
What the boaph!?!?!? (WTB?!?!?)
by Kristin November 13, 2003

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old rednecks who cant speak english
aaron is a fucking kinfolk from south carolina
by kristin October 19, 2003

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attempting to eat as much good food as possible.

a good day consists of a delightful breakfast, snack, and dinner.
1) a good breakfast, incorporating any or all of the following: cereal, oatmeal, pancakes, ham and cheese omelettes, yogurt, eggs over easy, orange juice (tropicana), hashbrowns, fruit

2) good snacks, again, incorporating any or all of the following: easy mac, cheetos, cereal (counted as breakfast OR a snack), carne asada quesedilla, carne asada fries, breadsticks, in n out, ice cream, popcorn, jones soda, oreo shake, oreo anything, fries, cookies, harvest pie

3) a great full meal, usually only incorporating one or less of the following: PIZZA, chicken and dumplings, fried chicken, chicken parmegian, lemon chicken, any other form of chicken, fettucini alfredo, shrimp, steak, pork chops, mashed potatoes, chinese food, ribs, chili in a breadbowl
by Kristin April 15, 2005

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