A combination of the word "shit" and "nizzle" (slang for business) to form it's compound fusion, Shiznizzle; used to describe anything which has affectively impressive qualities.
Friend of Laid Guy: Yo dude, how was the sex last night with that 10 babe?

Laid Guy: Bro... Last night was th Shiznizzle...
by J-Balls Lambo May 03, 2013
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Galactic Pimp. Known for being a short black man with a huge afro. Shiz is the pimp with the most.
Shiz is the Pimp. He is the Star Wars Galaxies equivalant of pimpness.
by Brian Arndt March 03, 2005
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adj. without a doubt the best ever; unmistakenably the greatest of all time
v.to entirely be owned in the most embarresing way
adj. that cheese cake was the shiznizzle at christmas
v. jan got shiznizzled when bob pants her in front of shery
by poop April 08, 2005
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Something you say when you have no comments available.
Also a term commonly used by Shawn.
'Look at that fatty'
by Kris April 02, 2003
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