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A female attorney at law.
Kobe had sexual relations with a white chick in Colorado, time to call his bitch lawyer.
by Kobe December 20, 2004
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A pocket of fat on an obese woman used for sexual gratification.
I fucked a wrinkle on a 300 pounder last night. It was great!
by Kobe December 28, 2004
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The NBA Double Thrust is when a man is fucking a girl doggy style while beating his wife.
I was fucking my mistress the other day when the old hag walked in and I gave the old NBA double thrust.
by Kobe May 24, 2004
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male genitalia, shaped in oblong fashion that is reminiscent of popsicle. See also antiwar protestor.
Those antiwar protestors are meatsickles.
by Kobe December 09, 2003
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Do Her Like Kobe Did
"Bring her back to your place and DHLKD"
by Kobe October 02, 2003
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most dominate player ever to play the game
who is the man who can dunk on any man, SHAQ!
by kobe May 21, 2003
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A funny diss meaning "WOW"
WIZZOW!! Is that nigga wearing cross colours in 2002.
by kobe October 01, 2002
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