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Traditionally, Leakin means poor, penniless, without wisdom, and without worldly possessions or power.

In the Pimpin Game, leakin means virtually the same thing. It represents when a low-level wannabe pimp has lost the couple of women that he/she was trying to turn out.
Luke Warm: "Man, I'm gotta get my ho's back. They can't leave me!"

J. Rue Perrou: "Tighten yourself up, git you some new vines, and get your game right Vic!
Yourself you need to be tweakin, 'cause you be Leakin!"
by Knowledge Doctor July 21, 2008
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A extremely long penis of at least fourteen inches.
She told me she wanted it, so I just whipped out Jake and waxed dat azz!
by Knowledge Doctor May 6, 2008
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A showstopper is a lady who is so exquisitely beautiful, so flawlessly graceful, and so sentillatingly sexy...that everything and everybody stops, when she appears!

All focus is on her!
Man, this girl was so fine, she made time stand still! She was a showstopper!
by Knowledge Doctor May 4, 2008
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20-10 (prounounced twenny-tenn) represents the number 200 in the pimpin' game.

A pimp who has more than 200 prostitutes in his/her stable, has reached an evalated level of status.
Slim Johnson: "Man I got to fire some of these bitches. They disrespectin' da' game. I keep catchin' em' out of pocket!

J. Rue Perrou: Youngblood, you be leakin'. You'd better protect yo' neck and keep these bitches in check. If you want 20-10 ho's, you'd better get gorilla and handle yo' business.
by Knowledge Doctor June 27, 2008
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50-11 (pronounced fitty-lebbem) represents the number 550, in the pimpin' game.

It is actually fifty times eleven, which equals 550.
Pimp 1: "Man I ain't no Gorilla Pimp. I got me 7 bitches who bring dat money home to ME! Everythang's gravy baby!

Pimp 2: " You just a Popcorn! I got 50-11 Ho's and ain't a day goes past, dat I don't kick 20-10 of 'em in their motherfuckin' ass!
by Knowledge Doctor May 11, 2008
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A person (usually male) who lacks ability, confidence and/or courage.

That rooty-poot dude can't do anything right!
by Knowledge Doctor April 29, 2008
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A person (usually male) who lacks guts and determination.
When faced with a crisis, a pebble gut will either run away or cry.
That man slapped Vic's wife and spit on her, but pebble gut Vic's got scared and ran away!
by Knowledge Doctor May 4, 2008
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