A young inexperienced person especially one who is newly prominent in a field of endeavor.
Uncle Drew: "It's too easy out here against these young bloods. "Don't reach youngblood."
by PurpleSidewalks July 22, 2019
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A fan of Fall Out Boy.

The term came from 'The Youngblood Chronicles', which is a series of music videos that all form one storyline. The series features all of the songs from their 2013 album 'Save Rock And Roll'.
The Youngblood Chronicles series stars all four members of the band, plus some special guests that were featured in some songs.
by hello-internet October 8, 2015
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A white male. Who is excpeted among the black group. Usually very laid back person. Who ever says anything to a "youngblood" will usually get the phrase "Hey You" "Yes you" "You are just a bitch!", than vigorently he will say "Bleh Bleh" with his hand looking like a gun. Skateboards.
Youngblood is DA SHIZZZNIT.

Im going to school today with youngblood.
by Ryan youngblood January 9, 2006
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A Fall Out Boy fan. This name came from the 11 part series called the YoungbloodChronicles, which were basically all of the 'Save Rock and Roll' music videos compiled into one.
Person 1: Hey, what's a Fall Out Boy fan called, again?
Person 2 (An intellectual): A Youngblood, you dingus.
by carina's_truth_/(0-0)\_ April 25, 2018
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The blood of young teenagers that are hypnotized by iluminati members AKA 5sos. Listening to the song with the same name, you allow them to drink and sniff your blood.
(Sierra) -Hey Luke, i’m thirsty!
(Luke)-Aight babe, i’m with sum fans. What size Youngblood you wear?
by Rottendaisiesakamahanotu January 26, 2019
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A virgin girl which is under 18.
Can be used to describe someone and can also be used as a noun and as a verb.
Yo Juan, I heard you're planning on Jade, if it's true you should probably know she's a youngblood.

Dave: dude look at Katyesha
Greg: I'm looking
Dave: good, before you know it I'm gonna steal her youngblood.

Bros listen, tommorow I'm gonna youngblood Donna and I need your support.
by SlippyGOGO January 4, 2019
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a newly out, young gay man. Usually a twink.
“I really like Josh, but he’s a youngblood and is still figuring out what he likes.”
by reallygay April 12, 2018
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