A beautiful little angel who didn't deserve to die the way she did in The Hunger Games.
Did you cry when Rue died?
Everyone with a heart did.
by who cares?xoxoxoxoxo April 8, 2012
Rue is an anxious, observant kid who mainly keeps to themself. You will often find them somewhere with very few people, such as down by the rock pools or halfway up a large pine tree. They get embarrassed very easily and are extremely passionate about the wilderness, using any excuse to explore or go camping.

It is difficult to tell whether Rue is a boy or a girl. When asked, they'll just grin and raise their eyebrow. Rue can be frustrating, and hard to understand as a person, however if you gain their trust there is nothing they won't tell you. They know all the nooks and crannies of the cliff side, and where the roots are buried under the grass. They can find their way through the forest with their eyes closed, and will do their best to teach you how to do the same.

Rue is extremely self conscious, and gets along with bugs more than classmates or family. They have short, crazy birds-nest hair, wide, observant grey-green eyes and too many freckles to count.

Rue is so fucking gay and they don't know what to do about it.
1: "What's up with Rue?"
2: "Who knows? They're probably planning to eat the rich or some shit."
1: "Wait... Are they talking to the fucking sea?"
2: "Weird ass kid."
by gay bug kid September 28, 2020
To regret, wishing a certain situation never happened, to remorse.
"You'll rue the day you ever messed with me!"
by Brother Joe July 1, 2005
Probably one of the best characters in the book, "The Hunger Games." She is forced to fight to the death with 23 other people from ages 12-18 and only one comes out. Rue is caring and smart and sweet. She doesn't survive.
HG Fan #1: Hey, did you cry when Rue died?
HG Fan#2: I cried a river.
by StrawberryChicken December 29, 2011
The most talented person ever. Rue is resourceful, kind and incredibly intelligent. Anyone would want to hang out with her, as she is super fun to have around and a true friend.

Bonus points if she's is born on May 9th.
"Are you friends with Rue?"
"I'm so jealous , she seems so cool!"
by mltstrk May 8, 2020
A shy boy at first glance but he really is a fun guy. He’s kinda depressed but cute and charming. Brown hair, brown ish eyes and quite pale.He also has amazing v lines .
I think I have a crush on rue

by Cara_l March 4, 2019
The cutest cat in the world. Kinda tubby, very curious, and loves her mom more than her dad. She eats grain-free chicken cat food, does not like loud noises, sleeps everywhere (especially laptops) and enjoys a good cuddle.
Rue, you are the most gorgeous kitty in the whole world.
by Rues_mom June 3, 2019