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An even grittier form of "That's what she said", implying the statement was said during a sexual encounter the night before.
Ted: Holy shit that thing is huge.

Jon: That's what she said last night
by KnightofNerdom May 24, 2020
When you have to piss and shit at the same time
Kid: Mommy, bathroom!

Mom: Number one or number two?

Kid: Number three! It's coming out!
by KnightofNerdom November 23, 2021
Used to describe someone with poor taste in beverages. Often said in a public drinking establishment such as a bar or pub.
Bartender: How we doing gentlemen?

Adam: I'll have a Bud Light.

Hunter: I'll have a Corona.

Casey: I'll have a Diet Coke.

Adam: You are such a pussy drinker.
by KnightofNerdom August 31, 2019
A lie that is common knowledge, something that no one would ever believe.
Montag: Yuxie. Did Firemen use to put out fires?

Yuxie: That's a classic lie. What's wrong Montag? Have you used your drops today? Your vitals have been off recently
by KnightofNerdom March 19, 2019
Acronym for "Not in Tournament". Made famous when predicting the outcome of March Madness.
Cory: I got Michigan State going all the way.

Garrett: I didn't see them in the bracket.

Cory: Well they're not in the "bracket". They're in the NIT.

*friends laugh*

Coby: You know that stands for "Not in Tournament" right?
by KnightofNerdom March 15, 2019
When a group of 3 more or more friends sit down together to play a card game. Most commonly used with Pokemon and Magic: The Gathering players.
John: So we gonna do some cubing after work tonight?

Steve: Most likely. Think there's some new booster packs we gotta open first.
by KnightofNerdom April 23, 2019
A huge lie that no one will ever believe to be true
Dude 1: If you stick a finger in that electric socket, I'll give you a million dollars.

Dude 2: Sweet!

Dude 3: Don't do it, man. The million dollars is a bigger lie than the cake.
by KnightofNerdom December 26, 2018