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the worst possible initiation ritual in high school that seniors did to one freshman dude in particular, consisting of getting his pants ripped down, having a pickle shoved in his ass, and having to walk ten feet. it fell out, and he had to take a bite and try the ten feet again. he finished the task after taking four bites.
(this was from clerks 2.)
jay: hey, thanks piclke fucker. *'pickle fucker' gave them his mooby's food, in doubt he wouldn't like it*
graves: how do you know we call him pickle fucker?
jay: you call him pickle fucker?
(paraphrasing from clerks 2.)
by love-bruises March 06, 2007
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A need to be intimate with any member of the pickle family. The want for vinegary products to help in stimulation of Z fuckers annual experience. This thus makes Z fucker a pickle fucker.

Hence social situations Z fucker is only named via the appropriate term Pickle Fucker!
Oiy look its Pickle Fucker!

Pickle Fucker... what ch'ya saying?
by WizardsinChutney .org April 17, 2010
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When a dill pickle is hallowed out than put on your penis then you fuck and cum in it then eat it.
That pickle is taste. Yummy. Your a good pickle fucker
by Jason Moley April 13, 2010
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Pickle Fucker- is when u force someone to shove a pickle up there ass and walk 10 feet if the pickle drops out u take a bite and reinsert
I saw that pickle fucker eating that ass pickle with a little extra shit besides penut butter ahhh good 'ole'pickle fucker
by Fupa_twat_waffle May 02, 2019
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A high school initiation where seniors yank down a freshman's pants and shove a pickle up their anus and make them walk 10 feet. If the pickle falls out before they hit the 10 foot mark, they must take a bite of it, reinsert it, and walk again.
Randall: Before he was the Mad Duckets guy, he was just Pickle Fucker. You see freshman year, the seniors would hunt us down and put us through what they called "initiations". They'd stuff us in the lockers or throw us in the girl's shower room naked. But Lance here got the worst of it. The seniors yanked down his pants and shoved a pickle up his ass and made him walk 10 feet. The pickle fell out before he hit the 10 foot mark. He had to take a bite of it, reinsert it, and walk again.

Elias: Ewww.

Randall: Ya, but don't worry, he made it. His pickle was small enough to stay wedged after only four bites.

Lance: I bet you're the only one who still remembers that story, Graves.

Randall: Oh I bet you still remember it pretty vividly Pickle Fucker.
by Casimus Prime December 23, 2018
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