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Tarof is the act of offering something in a manner sufficient to demonstrate sincerity, but is simply a facade to appear more genuine than one actually is. It can be shown by conduct, an offer, or by any means in which there appears to be an intent to tender to another. One could think of a tarof as an undisclosed, one-sided, unilateral contract where the offeror is obligated to pay in exchange for the act or abstention from acting. In a case where tarof is present or occurring, the accepting party must first decline the offer or restrain oneself from quickly agreeing to take (abstention from acting). The problems that arise from accepting an offer in a hastily manner are internal and only detrimentally harm the offeror. If a tarof is accepted too quickly, without hesitation, delay or indecisiveness on the part of the party accepting, the "tarof-er" is quick to become offended (meanwhile secretly shocked) and leaves with underlying resentment and bitterness in which they never bring to the surface or openly recognize. However, the "tarof-er" may privately complain to his/her close companion(s) regarding the surprising encounter in order to vent and release their frustration over the other person's inability to first reject or turn down their offer prior to accepting it.

Take-away: It is only custom that you first refuse the "good" or "act" of the "tarof-er" prior to taking/accepting it in order to avoid bitter feelings and to ultimately leave the situation winning.
"Please do not tarof with me regarding the last two khormas in the fridge-- just take them Marziyeh!"

"I have asked you many times Shahrzad not to tarof those custard-filled pirashki's to me if you really want to eat them all yourself..."

"Maman, how many times are you going to tarof that albaloo polo to me?! I am allergic to albaloo's!"

Situation where tarof is involved:

Khashayar: "Please Jamshid, let me take care of the bill" (secretly, Khashayar does not want to pay a penny)

Jamshid: "Azizam, no. It is with love and only proper if I pay" (meanwhile, Jamshid is putting up a front too)

Khashayar: "No, no, no"... (looks at waiter & waves arm implying her to come closer)... "take my card and don't allow this man (pointing at Jamshid) to pay!"

Jamshid (talking only to the waiter but eyeing Khashayar with one eye): "No, no, please! I beg you! Do not listen to him! He does not know what he is saying!" (the waiter stares in utter confusion and uncertainty, and is simply startled by the whole interaction. Unsure as to what to do, she stares at what seems to be an altercation feeling uncomfortable and puzzled. She's not sure how or why things escalated so quickly. Eventually, she takes the card from the more "angrier" man, Jamshid, & quickly rushes to the nearest cash register.)
by KimberlyDee November 1, 2018
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The epitome of beauty at its finest. Alluring yet outgoing and friendly, a Kimia is appealing to everyone around her. Whether she means it or not, she captivates men with her words and charming presence. She's a non-manipulative opportunistic tactician, capable of seducing anyone to comply with her demands or commands as she pleases--this is a gift her higher power has given her even though she may remain unaware of this fact. Her heart is pure, and she has a self-sacrificing nature. Her real empathy makes consideration of others second nature. In love and dignity, a Kimia honors herself and speaks the truth-- as she thinks, feels, and knows. When it comes to relationships Kimia is very wise, having learned through experience that she owes herself the love she so freely gives to others. Her kindness is not motivated by fear, but by love. No wonder her name is "Kimia"-- she truly is a foreign specimen clothed in perfection. To have a Kimia in your life means you are nothing but blessed. Cherish her limited presence and never dismiss or invalidate her feelings, emotions, thoughts or beliefs. Your only struggle with a Kimia is in trying hard to keep her around.
"Your best friend is Kimia? How though Jeffrey, how?!"
"I once dated this brood named Kimia. Facts."
"I asked that one chick Kimia out for some tea and she quickly told me to "take my bullshit elsewhere.'"
by KimberlyDee November 14, 2018
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Pronounced: "jam-esh-cone" (stated at 1.5x speed)

"Jamesh kon" is the farsi expression, and english equivalent of "get or gather your shit together."

If you have a Persian friend, or happen to have a Persian neighbor who's generally noisy, disruptive, annoying, or just generally difficult, all you have to do is simply request that they..."jamesh kon."

A quick "Jamesh kon" is the most effective way to get a person to self reflect and become more cognizant of their wild and nonconforming ways.
Why are you mowing the lawn at 6 AM Behzad? ... jamesh kon.

That's a nice pair of loppers you have there Ali, but it's 9 AM on a Saturday so... jamesh kon.

Look, I know your shrubs and plants are out of control and you really want to use your pruning saw right now, but I'm going to need you to...jamesh kon.

Is that seriously a wheelbarrow you have there Hooshang? ...jamesh kon.

Put the leaf blower down Ali...jamesh kon.
by KimberlyDee August 6, 2020
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Pronounced: "Gum-show"

Gomsho is the farsi expression for "get lost" in English. Gomsho is mainly used in a situation where a sensitive, easily-triggered Persian parent takes offense at or disapproves of his or her child's actions or inactions.
1. Gomsho bebinam!

English translation: Let me see you get lost!

2. Boro gomsho pedarsag!

English translation: Go get lost you father-dog!

3. Gomsho toole-sag!

English translation: Get lost you stool of dog!

4. Gomsho bache divoone!

English translation: Get lost you crazy child!

5. Boro gomsho bache bitarbiat!

English translation: Go get lost you ill-mannered child!

6. Boro gomsho otaghet!

English translation: Go get lost in your room!

7. Mageh man nagoftam gomsho az inja?!

English translation: Didn't I already tell you to piss off from here?! Get lost!

8. Gomshoooooo!!!
English translation: Skedaddle!
by KimberlyDee June 19, 2020
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Synonymous with pigeon. A peasant is a label used to describe a male in which a female does not, and will never, take seriously. A peasant, similar to a pigeon, is automatically disqualified & forgotten about the moment they're classified as a peasant.
1. ...He's just a peasant girl.

2. Why would I care for that peasant?
3. Dude forget him already! He's just another peasant.

4. That peasant has nothing to offer!
5. What a peasant!

6. Ugh, look it's that peasant again (*pointing at peasant*).

7. I'm never dating another peasant like him again.

8. What does this peasant want from me?!
by KimberlyDee June 19, 2020
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Synonymous with peasant. A pigeon is a label used to describe a male in which a female does not, and will never, take seriously. A pigeon, just like a peasant, is automatically disqualified & forgotten about the moment they're classified as a pigeon.
1. Tell that pigeon to get lost.

2. Can you just ask that pigeon yourself?

3. For Christs sake Mindy, leave that pigeon alone!

4. Just let him flock with the rest of the pigeons.

5. What a pigeon!

6. He was quite the pigeon.

7. I'm never dating another pigeon like him again (*dates another pigeon*).

8. What do I gotta do for this pigeon to stop hitting me up?!
by KimberlyDee June 19, 2020
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A girl who simply exists and has nothing to offer to anyone other than her physical presence. A non-blob girl should never feel threatened by a blob because a blob lacks all the qualifications necessary to meet the non-blob threshold. In other words, a blob is inadequate, deficient, lame, and simply not up to par. A blob just exists, and that's about it. It takes a lot of work to transition from a blob to a non-blob, and it rarely happens because most blobs are incapable of realizing all that they are to make a change in the first place: a blob.

#dontevenfret #ialreadyforgotaboutthatblob #blob #lol
1. There's no need to feel threatened Myra, she's just a blob.

2. Girl, she's just a blob.

3. Why you even comparing yourself to her Sandra? She's nothing but a blob.

4. But she's a blob though!!
5. Girl, don't even fret. That blob got nothing on you.

6. That blob doesn't even matter though!

7. Honestly, I don't even care about or notice that blob because she's only a blob!

8. Have a seat, blob.
by KimberlyDee June 18, 2020
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