Stewie Griffin is a smart baby that is in Family Guy a hilarious show. He does have a football shaped head though. I love it when he says

" What the deuce??!!"
Stewie Griffin is damn smart for his age
by Petergriffin#awesome December 5, 2017
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Stewie griffin is the youngest member of the griffin family of Quahog, Rhode island from the popular FOX TV serires family guy.

Stewie has an evil personality which is said to have been induced by his mother Lois smoking Marijuana while she was pregnant with him. His scary almost British accent is known as an evil Rex Harrison.

He is intent on world domination and the extermination of his mother, but also plans to kill many other people once he rules the world.
Lois Griffin: Come on stewie eat your broccoli here comes the airplane.

(knocks the broccoli off the fork and across the table)

Stewie Griffin: Damn you! Damn the broccoli! and damn the Wright brothers!!!
by Pinkfishe August 2, 2006
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A one year old infant with a high I.Q. and unfathomable intelligence for a child. His plans include killing his mother, Lois, and world domination.

He also likes to be called Snake Griffin.

" My name is Stewart Gilligan Griffin! "

" Stewie Griffin, did you unhook mommy's bra? "
by Bill Abnovsky August 18, 2006
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A terrible character on Family Guy. In seasons 1-3 the joke was that Stewie was some world-dominating genius but was only a baby, which gets severly old after a while. By season 4 he became very out-of-character and generally the joke was that he acted like an adult and unlike an infant.
Stewie Griffin: I suck!
by FlareNUKE September 23, 2006
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The baby with dreams of world domination and awkward homoerotic hints. His football shaped head possibly shows he is the kid from Hey Arnold! as a baby. Stewie is the child of Peter and Lois Griffin on the show Family Guy. He is best known for trying to kill his mother.
by HighVoltage900 April 11, 2006
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