10 definitions by Kid with assburgars

Gympie Gympie / Dendrocnide moroides

Nickname For gympie gympie since it would a bad idea to wipe your bum with it.
"whatch out for that smart ass over there it realy stings"
by Kid with assburgars September 19, 2023
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A hair style that looks like Chum from pawn stars.
Eg: long hair and halve grown beard.
What hair style are going for?
The full Chum-Lee
by Kid with assburgars June 25, 2019
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Some one who is sexual attracted towards cooking pans and skillets.
Otherwise known as panfuckers.
Hey is that dude pansexual? Cause he's fucking that pan over there.
by Kid with assburgars September 25, 2019
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A pair of old work boots that you wear without socks.
"Hey could you help me with something outside."
"Yeah just let me get my steel toe sandals."
by Kid with assburgars September 2, 2021
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Body type, can be over weight but not obese.
Nothing over proportionate (unnatural) allowed.
Damn She's thicc
by Kid with assburgars June 27, 2019
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