Slang used for the Marine Corps by Marines only. No one knows when it started. Very popular during and after Vietnam.
by Michael in New Hampshire March 10, 2006
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The place of ultimate suckiness. The original suckiness from which springs all other suckiness in the world. The black hole of suckiness. Used by Marines as a nickname for the Marine Corps. It sounds like a put-down, but it is actually a testament to the dedication of those who endure it for the rest of us.
"Welcome to the suck." Used after initiation of a new recruit. Also used by any marine upon realization that a new, deeper, previously unreached, level of suckiness exists.
by erock68la November 13, 2008
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When something overflows and reeks with suckery. Nothing can suck as much as that. It is "the suck." You can feel the suck being emitted from "the suck" when get near it. To earn the title "the suck" it has to suckiest thing that has ever sucked in your sucky life before. Trust me you do not want to be "the suck" Bewarned, "the suck" is contagious and its suckage can be transfered through you touching it, or you sucking off the suck.
My girlfriend: You suck
Me: O yea? Well you are the suck
My girlfriend: Make love to me
Me: Ok!
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A state of suckitude, or achieving a stateof suckitude.
"Why always the suck?"
by Bigsteve March 21, 2005
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Of the lowest possible quality. If "the" is spelled "teh," the phrase will have a mocking tone.
OMG, I was kickbanned!!! That mod is teh sux.
by DrDrink March 24, 2003
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1)The one thing in the world that sucks the most at a given moment in time.

2)someone who sucks as bad as they possibly can.

3)the worst thing ever
1) Yeah, my car just broke down today and I couldn't get a ride to work. It was the suck.

2) My buddy, Pat, went back to jail again. Ha Ha! He is the suck!

3)This jalapeno milkshake is the suck!
by sam ward May 27, 2007
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