A large rural town situated about 2 hours north of Brisbane. Usually gets ridiculed with names like hell hole and apparently people with two heads come from there. Grow up you immature 'adults,' Gympie save Queenslands ass so be appreciative and patriotic about your country.
Dude 1: "Man here comes those two headed freaks from hell town"
Dude 2: "Wtf is wrong with you man? They're from Gympie and are actually pretty decent people, so stop stereotyping an entire town"
by I'm on a boat 1243 February 28, 2010
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A two headed imbred born and bred in the town of gympie
by Gymp April 7, 2003
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A: Dude, you just went through four red lights!
B: Oh, shit, yeah sorry I'm totally in gympie today.
by ahpeeyem February 17, 2005
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She drinks wine not alcohol cause she’s a bougieee betch👩🏽 🦱🍷…she’s so nice😌 except when she’s not…just like yessica she’s so cool😎 very cool
Omg Jordan Gympies??

Is it pronounced Gym-Pies or Gympies???
by rhvbarbz November 22, 2021
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