State of mind usually caused by boredom or a annoying situation that doesn't really causes any heavy emotional reactions.
After I flunked yet another test by a huge lack of study I just felt bleh.
by Me May 28, 2004
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See meh.
An expresion of not givin' a fuckin' shit.
S:My dog just bit me!
A: Bleh.
by Sophie "Fang" Walker February 03, 2004
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The 'Bleh Generation' is an internet movement started a few months ago and that has already a world success on forums and internet communities. Its slogan :
Think different. See further. Say BLEH.
The Bleh generation, technically, is a state of mind. 'Bleh' expresses an intense frustration, the fact that life is not easily livable, that you don't expect anything more from this world. Though, it can't be connected to the 'no future' movement, and either to any punk or goth movement. The Bleh generation is someting unique, something that truly goes to the essence of the emotional base of today's society.
Bleh doesn't reject this world, actually bleh doesn't reject anything. But bleh doesn't accept anything either.
All is bleh, and bleh is ill.
by StormrageJunior November 16, 2005
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Put simply the word 'bleh' is a verbal 'shrug'. It can be used for every situation that a shrug of one's shoulders can. Also it can be used to show signs of frustration, confusion, indecision and boredom. It is often used in reply to a question that you have no interest in answering or have no answer for, or in a situation where you don't know what to say so you simply 'shrug' it of by saying 'bleh'.
Question: What are your thoughts on the world's economical climate?

Reply: Bleh
by Jonesmiester March 13, 2009
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A word that is used by stereotypical vampires.
Girl: Argh! A blood sucking vampire! Please don't suck my blood.
Vampire: Bleh!
by Sammy G. April 18, 2006
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Bleh is synonym of Blah. Bleh is the word you say when you're frustrated, or when you feel like puking. Or just when you're bored.
Some people use it as an adjective, like in "I feel so bleh"... It this case, it means that the person is in a mood to say "bleh".
-you're so bleh
-I'm gonna bleh
-Bleh, bleh, why me?
by Blehage March 11, 2006
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